Books by S. Roger Joyeux
The Crystal Textbook, A Metaphysical Book on Crystals The Crystal Textbook
by S. Roger Joyeux
ISBN 978-0-9686521-3-8
EBook, Paperback, 398 pages

Having trouble understanding crystals?

Start with this! Crystals work with light. Light does the healing, balancing, opening, enhancing, and general vibration changes. Crystals bring the light. When you pick up a crystal and feel a sensation, you are exchanging light frequencies that you need, but only in that singular instance. In a minute from now, the exact set of frequencies that you need are going to be different according to your already-changed vibration. So, what a given crystal does to help your vibration right now will not be what it does later today. Will you still need that particular crystal tomorrow?

You will need the crystal if your vibration still needs the light frequencies it brings. After the sensation you feel upon picking up the crystal, your vibration adjusts to the light introduced by the crystal. You may never experience the initial sensation again, because you acquired the light that transferred to you in the rush that came with holding the crystal for the first time. Even if you need the crystal for some time to come, the sensation will not likely be there to give you affirmation. If you are intuitive, you may understand if you need to keep it, let it go, or work with it on an occasional basis. The body of knowledge about the crystals and light offered by The Crystal Textbook will give you tools to help you understand what a crystal will do for you consistently.

Crystals are specialized. Crystals that enhance consciousness are not likely to be healers. Crystals that translate the concepts of the higher dimensions into symbols you understand do not work with the anger of the second chakra. Crystals that expand a person's creativity do not expand the connection to the higher self. You get the idea—specialization. The specialization that is inherent to a given species of crystal is dependent upon the range of divine light it works with and the body or vibration it affects.

The Crystal Textbook does not claim to know how a given set of light frequencies, brought by a crystal, will affect your personal vibration. How could anyone make such a claim? Are you not unique and changing with every moment? The Crystal Textbook helps you to understand the type of divine light, or the range of frequencies, brought by a given species of crystal, and the place in the physical or subtle bodies that are affected, along with how the bodies are affected.

The Crystal Textbook is a metaphysical approach to crystals, written with a thorough knowledge of divine light as a foundation. It is a stand-alone volume, but follows Roger Joyeux's first two books, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment (volume 1), and The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate (volume 2). The Crystal Textbook will give you a significantly expanded knowledge of your spiritual journey, your understanding of divine light, and, most crucially, how you can use crystals in your pursuit of enlightened living.

The Crystal Textbook awaits you!