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Blessings to you, my name is Roger Joyeux.

My spiritual path, in this lifetime, began with a great deal of introspection during my adolescent years.  In my early 20’s, I developed a strict regime of meditation for 2 hours a day.  I also channelled spirit entities, yet did not know it at the time.  In 1977, I found myself on the “back to the land” journey that took me out of the money and legal systems and into Atlin Lake in northern BC.  I came into harmony with the Earth spirits of the area and acquired my Earth spirit name, which is Summermoon.  This journey taught me many things that our native people know from their interactions with white culture.  During the mid-80’s, I became a member of the United Church and, for the next 4 years, faithfully attended church, including service as a Sunday School teacher.

My conscious awakening occurred in 1990 when I became a devotee of Gurumayi Chidvalasananda on the Siddha Yoga path (Siddha = perfected master, yoga = union, hence union with a perfected master).  My time on this “guru path” lasted 2 years during which I attended several intensives, traveled to the Siddha Yoga Ashram at Ganespuri, India, and regularly attended Satsang (services) at the local Siddha Yoga Centre in Winnipeg.  Nineteen ninety (1990) was also the year that I began to channel my current guides, the Councilate of the Ascended Light.  In 1992, I journeyed to Egypt to participate in the “Opening of the Doorway to the 11:11” with Solara, author of Starborne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones.  Our mission in Egypt was to superimpose a new planetary grid system on the old template, both of which anchor at the Giza pyramids.  The new grid is responsible for ushering in much of the new spiritual energy that drives the accelerated lives we are experiencing today.

Nineteen ninety-four (1994) was a banner year.  In March, I attended the Conclave of Archangel Michael in Banff where I first began to do full body conscious channelling, first for Michael and later for the Ascended Masters, including Kwan Yin, Sanada, Ashtar, Raphael, Gabriel, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Maitreya, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, and others.  In August, I attended the Conclave of the Mother in Mount Shasta.  This conclave invoked the spirit of the divine feminine mother energies.  I was given the honour of channelling Archangel Michael who held the space in sanctuary at the closing ceremony.  In December, I joined friends I had met in Egypt to attend the 12:12 in Sedona, Arizona.  I took full advantage of my time in Sedona to experience the empowerment of the ancient vortexes found there.

I have been doing light work sessions for clients since 1991.  These sessions involve the use of crystals and my copper energy bed and have an element of healing, yet primarily raise the physical body’s vibration to invoke the light body.  Each session helps the client take an accelerated step on their spiritual path according to what he or she can handle.  I am also a past life regression therapist.  My formal healing skills come through Huna Kane certification (1996), which is the hands-on Hawaiian healing massage technique.  Huna Kane is very effective in helping the client to open to divine light and to heal and clear stubborn blockages held by the body, either in this lifetime or in past lifetimes.

The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, is the first volume of The Story of Light. It provides a concise, definitive, and thorough explanation of how the spiritual path works, including the difficulties that prevent enlightenment, the history of how chakras came into existence, how the chakras work with light frequencies, the importance of the etheric body, and the nature of the Light Body, including the steps for its invocation.  Each discussion centres on the way divine light frequencies interact with the physical plane, affect the spiritual path, and empower the lives we lead.  The second volume is entitled, The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate. It offers some truly out-of-this-world insights. You can get a flavour for its comprehensive content by checking out the table of contents. The third volume is a stand-alone book, entitled: The Crystal Textbook. It explains how you can use crystals and how they work with divine light for balance, healing, vibrational changes, and lot more.  Because my guides are constantly giving me new information, I am sure there are a few more volumes of which I am not yet aware.

Finally, my mission, my passion, and my divine purpose on Earth is to help spread a conscious understanding of the nature of divine light and to help individuals complete their paths to enlightenment so they may consciously participate in the divine co-creation of our physical world and achieve the promise of the ascension that this new age brings.

In Love and Light,
S. Roger Joyeux