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The Crystal Textbook
by S. Roger Joyeux
ISBN 978-0-9686521-3-8
Paperback, 398 pages

Book Review by Jenn Chalmers

The Crystal Textbook couldn’t have had more perfect timing; emerging at a point when people need it most. This book is a must-have reference for crystal practitioners everywhere – and even for those who are just starting out. It contains succinct information and descriptions of over 90 crystals.

This book is a gem all on it’s own, but can also be paired with Roger’s other two books The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment and The Story of Light, Through Heaven’s Gate. This reference text takes the stance that crystals are simply tools that are used by light to facilitate its manifestation here on earth. This differs somewhat from a more popular view that the crystal itself is the healer, but the more information you read in the book, the more the different perspective makes sense.

The author presents the information in The Crystal Textbook in a scientific format, which is delightful for those readers who prefer a more factual style of information writing. For those however, who prefer a softer kind of information, they may find they require some additional soak time with the material in order to process it; but that’s not to say the information gained isn’t worth the soak time. Rest assured, there’s enough humour written into the text to keep it an interesting read.

Roger prefaces his material with sufficient background information to ensure even a beginning practitioner can have a thorough understanding. Roger covers off on such fundamentals as the basic characteristics of light, colour variations, explanations of the sliding scale of light and the eleven-chakra system. There are also instructions on cleansing, clearing and empowering your crystals as well as crystal quality – not to mention the plethora of specific crystal information that follows! Rules of thumb for crystal colours, the nature of creativity and the shortfalls that can affect the quality of crystals are also included in the text.

The author also explains that crystals, like other things in our dimension, can be imperfect, and so can the light that reaches our dimension, which may contribute to explaining why the results that were expected by the practitioner didn’t go as planned (due to densification, fragmentation, and things of the like).

Roger has done an exacting job of ensuring as many crystals are covered as is possible, and covers everything from standard crystals such as Amethyst, Jasper and Citrine, and delves into the realm of some of the newer stones and lesser-known crystals such as Boji Stones, Dioptase and Ulexite. He includes a quick reference phrase for each crystal (e.g.: Lapis Lazuli – Consciousness Expander), its scientific properties, as well as a brief history, and it’s best uses as well as pitfalls.

All in all a delightful and informative read that should be used as the backbone of any crystal practitioner’s library – I know it’ll be part of mine!

Book Review by Serah Roer

This important book has been many years in the construction. No stone has been left unturned, we could say, in that the detail and exactitude of the information is unparalleled. The author has a very special way of receiving his information that may feel long winded and complicated when the words are scanned as you pick up the book and glance down a page. But when the information is examined carefully by someone who needs the truth and the bottom line without any emotional or loose scatter to distract, then here it is, from the very highest source.

"To understand crystals, first understand light." Part One. Page 1.

Light body, light frequencies, beacons of light, light stations, streams of light are some of the many expressions describing attributes of light that, like the word love can be and is used in so many situations.

The two previous books written by Roger Joyeux are a build up to The Crystal Textbook. With this information about the relationship between crystals and divine light, the understanding of the care, information and use of specific crystals will become 'crystal clear'.


"The Crystal Textbook is a must have reference for those on the spiritual path. It is the first crystal reference book that finally explains how light works with crystal, in a way that resonated truth for me. Roger has eloquently provided the reader invaluable information on an abundance of crystals that will lovingly serve those on the path to enlightenment."

Jillian Mitton

MSc, P.Eng., Reiki Master, Soulful Coach

"The book, The Crystal Textbook, by Roger Joyeux carries valuable knowledge and insights about vibration, in relation to crystals and light energy. Learning to discern the effects of different light frequencies and diverse crystals could result in individuals having a more balanced world view and living a healthier, more fulfilling life. Reading Roger’s book, gave me more insight into how I can become better attuned to the effects of crystals and light energy. These insights can help guide me into establishing the appropriate etheric magnetic field required to enhance my creativity.

Dr. Nancy-Angel Doetzel

The Language of Light was written. It translates:

Within these pages you will find, as did I, the answers to your enlightenment when you understand why you have been attached to the light in a way you have not yet dreamed.

Dream then with me as you read this clear work directly from source through pen and mind of Roger Joyeux.

Be prepared to think.

Be prepared to lay the book down to ponder the significances.

Be prepared to cry with your own sweet soul in gratitude for this gifting of these pages unto the waiting hands of humanity.

Be prepared to thank your own sweet angels for putting this book in your consciousness.

And be prepared to feel forth more radiant Light, more precious Love, more gratitude within your opening heart.

You stand then on the threshold of this time of the Great Awakening along with the escorts of Roger—along with those gems you have gathered.

Blessed be the Light has come.

SanandaMagdalene / Peggy of the Pleiades

Channel for "In That Vibration of the Christing"

The Crystal Textbook is clear, well organized, and, most of all, it is certainly "the best information source on crystals and light". It provides a solid understanding of how they work. A must read for any spiritual seekers of truth and enlightenment. Finally a book that teaches us about crystals and light instead of telling us about them.

Caroline Simard,

Trois Rivieres, QC

Cet ouvrage est clair, bien organisé et surtout, il est certainement "la meilleure source d'information sur les cristaux et la lumière". Il apporte une solide compréhension de leur fonctionnement. Un livre à lire absolument par tous ceux qui sont sur le chemin de l’illumination.

Enfin un livre qui nous enseigne à propos des cristaux et de la lumière au lieu de simplement nous énoncer leurs propriétés.

Caroline Simard,

Trois Rivieres, QC

S. Roger Joyeux shares his deep understanding and knowledge of crystals in his newest book, The Crystal Textbook. It is a fascinating read! His book is a comprehensive discourse of the metaphysical properties of a vast array of crystals, with specific information about the crystals' properties of light. He also covers the use and care of crystals and their correlation to the subtle bodies, including the human eleven-chakra system.

This is a very special book. It will expand your understanding of crystals, whether you are a beginner, or a person having advanced knowledge of crystals. Personally, it helped me to realize which particular crystal to use when stilling my mind to open to divine light, along with the crystal's empowering properties. I certainly will add The Crystal Textbook to my collection of spiritual reference books.

Helena Kalivoda, author

AWAKEN! Your Spirit Is Calling , and The Purposeful Mind series.

Great Book, not TOO much information, but enough to be awestruck! About 1/6 of the book is on Light, what it is, how to recognize it, and the connection between it and crystals. I'm a crystal fanatic, and this book had information you'd never find on the web, just about everything you'd need to know on the basics of Crystals, Light, and General Chakra info. The rest of the book is all about each specific Crystal and how they work with the light they can vibrate with! From Amethyst to Unakite, this book has got it all, and each crystal has more than enough to really know what purpose they serve in this dimension!

Seriously give this book a try, I do not regret it, and I can use it as a quick reference to which crystals do what and how!


Chris Kohly


" illuminating book on crystals and their useful applications for healing and well-being."

Rosemarie Wrobel

Member of the Board, Canadian Society of Questers

The Crystal Textbook, by S. Roger Joyeux, gives me a much greater spiritual point of view, both from a healing perspective and from the place that the mineral kingdom holds, uniquely, in our continuing evolution on this Eden planet. Thank you so much for that!

Ehren Rebmann


The Crystal Textbook is the perfect reference tool for those needing in depth information that comes directly from source. Roger Joyeux has the ability to talk with the essence of any stone without interference from intellect or emotion.

Serah Roer.

Crystal Skull Caretaker